About me (in 3rd person for copy and paste purposes)

James explains things. Things like nanotechnology, biotechnology, vertical farming, artificial meat, synthetic biology, antibiotic resistance, blood pressure, micro-finance, the provision of disability services, database manipulation and critical thinking.

He uses conversational language and appealing visuals to produce award-winning, animated and narrated explainer videos, illustrations and infographics.

He's been involved in awareness of and engagement with emerging science and technology for 20 years(!), having started as a researcher with the future-focused television series Beyond 2000 in 1996. During this time he's researched, written, designed or developed factual content for a diverse set of local and international clients including Discovery, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Oxfam, Swinburne University, Orange County Water District and Marine Stewardship Council.

His best known works are two series of Critical Thinking produced for the Australian Government and with scripts by author and educator Mike McCrae. Series 1 has over 1 million views on You Tube and series 2 won best animation in the 2013 Scinema (Australian's science film) awards.

James is currently a fulltime in-house designer with a large public sector organisation. He is based in Canberra, with his wife, two children, a black cat and a brown dog.

He's a member of Australian Science Communicators, Australian Graphic Design Association and Network for the Public Communication of Science and Technology.